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We at TrustSEO follow certain criteria which ensure that the quality of the services remains the best in the industry. The ‘curb appeal’ which reflects the popularity of a website also remains ‘good’ with the set of criteria we suggest to follow. We provide you with certain sets of the criteria which will allow you to analyze your work:
1. Backgrounds: You need to be extremely careful in selecting the background for your website. Remember you need to keep the background simple and interesting. Easy readability should be the prime concern for you. The page should not be cluttered, keep it clean and choose the fonts which do not hurt your eyes.
2. Banners: Do not keep more than four in single page and put them anywhere else than the top of the page.
3. Commercialization: It is very important to ensure that your identity is reflected on your pages. Your customer should easily understand your unique selling proposition which will help in increase in your services.
4. Browser Compliant: Ensure that your website is well integrated with the preferred browsers so that the traffic flow remains seamless.
5. Content: Content is the utmost important entity of your website in other words content is king. The success of your website will make or break with the content. Ensure that you offer certain thing that is unique is not available anywhere else.
6. Contact technique: Be transparent and be ready to receive both accolades and criticism. Ensure that your contacts and interactive site in your website is properly visible. This will help in increasing the trust with your customers.
7. Frames, animation and flashing text: Try and limit the usage of frames, animation and flashing text in your website. These entities are not popular among the users.
Certain other factors which you must need to rake care of for the proper positioning of your website are:
• Counters
• Doorway Pages
• Graphic
• Image
• Java
• Links
• Matching; and many more.

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