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Code of Conduct in the web marketing industry is a must-to-follow entity. The code of conduct in this industry is quite a norm, whether written or unwritten, and is maintained by almost everyone related to the industry. We maintain a code of conduct which follows the motto of ‘do not deceive’ and is applied to everyone related to our work. The code of conduct is there to be followed by clients, the visitors, search engine optimizers and almost everyone. The motive is to avoid any malpractice in terms of business ethics which can bring the whole process in any kind of disrepute.
We maintain simplicity in our work and thrive in delivering what has promised. We are not here to make the pigs fly with the implementation of SEO. We promise in re-engineering your site to make it perform better and bring in better traffic flow. We endeavor in putting the relevant keywords into place to enhance the user experience. This makes the site more relevant for the visitors. The code of conduct should guide the SEO in improving the content quality and not to hide or disguise things. The more the transparent the process is the better the results are in terms of ranking, traffic, conversion and returns.
The code of conduct also plays a vital role in curbing the malpractice of falsifying the customer and the industry in turn. We do not encourage in any attempt of promoting irrelevant topic and content. One should remember that the SEO practitioner is a part of the problem itself and not of the solution. With the implemented code of conduct it becomes important for the SEO practitioner to drive away any sort of discrepancies.
The general code of conduct helps in shaping the business tactfully in maintain a good name and profit as well.

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